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Monday, July 15, 2013

Lead Pair Don't See Eye to Eye

Mallela Teeram Lo Sirimalle Chettu lead pair is the latest fodder for the gossip mongers.
The film was released on Saturday and the team decided to promote their film through various shows on Sunday.
So, the lead pair was taken from one studio to the other for live chat shows with the viewers by the director-cum-producer of the film Ramaraju. But what one couldn’t help noticing was the lack of camaraderie between Kranti and Sri Divya who play the hero and heroine in the film.
Appparently, things went wrong during the shooting schedules and the twosome hasn’t bothered to patch up.
Oblivious to the fact that the film is doing little business, the pair is promoting it as a success.
Looks like the heroine Sri Divya has taken this promotion bit seriously. She is full of airs and throwing a huge attitude. She plays a housewife in MTLSC.
Incidentally, Sri Divya is the same girl who mouthed double meaning dialogues in Maruti’s Bus Stop.

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