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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Shocking Proposal For Anjali!

Now a days Anjali is become the target for media. She is always a hotspot in news channels , her every move will be show cased to public as she carries most number of rumors on her head. She is also in news for hiding for few days and filing a case against her relatives , not attending to court calls and almost she reached to police custidy which came back after withdrawal of the case.

Here is a news again about her that she was , however she wrote an open letter to media that , she is in a shoot and stop disturbing her. Now it’s turn for a writer to enter her gossip world, it is heard that he is in plan of writing her life as a story and Anjali was shocked by his proposal. Anjali felt a bit happy because many will show interest in writing great people life history as stories. Will she accept his request is now real twist here . Let’s wait for her response folks.

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